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    Tonda Global: WISH A+ official logistics vendor, Amazon SPN certified logistics vendor, JOYBUY Exclusive official logistics vendor in Korea, Alibaba.com Cooperative logistics vendor

We provide one-stop logistics services and industry solutions to break through the barriers of import and export trade around the world!

Tonda Products

Container Land Transportation

We provide transportation of standard containers and various types of containers, special vehicle transportation such as large equipment handling, air cushion vehicle transportation of ultra precision equipment, national road transportation such as dangerous and common chemical goods, as well as special supervision transportation needs such as customs supervision vehicle transportation, transit transportation and market procurement bonded transportation.

Supply Chain Logistics Service

The introduction of advanced logistics management concepts, reduce costs, improve efficiency, through international freight forwarding services; International express and small package service; Cross border e-commerce logistics services; Amazon FBA first logistics service; Third party logistics services; Bonded logistics services; Customs agency services to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. High speed, high accuracy and good stability.

International Trade

We provide market research, enterprise supplier management, international and domestic procurement services. Establish a national or regional distribution network for customers, and comprehensively improve the direct supply capacity; Provide dynamic buffer inventory and corresponding warehousing, transportation, short distance distribution services; Manage and maintain daily sales operation; Cooperate with customers to complete marketing activities.


Qingdao/Hefei/Yiwu/Hangzhou/Ningbo/Shenzhen/Guangzhou /Dongguan/Chengdu/Wuhan/Fuzhou/Xiamen - 40,000 square meters -automatic processing/equipment - with a daily capacity of 600,000orders - own 50 trucks and 65 vans,offering door-to-door pick-up service

About Tonda

Mutual benefit, win-win, cohesion of a wide range of ecological chain partners

Qingdao Tonda Global Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is an integrated supply chain management service provider specialized in supply chain scheme design and optimization, procurement and distribution, inventory management, capital settlement, customs clearance logistics and supporting information system.

Based on the Internet platform, the company integrates all kinds of effective resources at home and abroad. Through in-depth development and application of supply chain management and logistics information system, the company deeply integrates Internet, finance and traditional supply chain management, creates a new industry model, realizes innovative integration of business flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow, and greatly improves the efficiency of the overall value chain, Improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.


Mutual benefit, win-win, cohesion of a wide range of ecological chain partners, scroll and click the following logo for details!

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