Job Training

  • Provide Overseas Training
  • Internal Training
  • Improve Professional Skills and Professional Accomplishment
  • Build a Good Learning Organization

Salary and Benefits

  • Implement Competitive Salary System
  • Establish a Humanized Emotional Care System
  • Welfare is related to Employee Contribution and Personal Performance
  • Pursue a Good Promotion and Position Evaluation System

Working Environment

  • Superior Geographical Location
  • Advocate a Relaxed and Pleasant Working Atmosphere
  • Advocate Positive and Harmonious Teamwork
  • Strive to Create a Comfortable and Healthy Working Environment for Employees

Talent Prospection

Tonda always advocates and adheres "people-oriented, both ability and integrity, fully utilize people's talents". Here everyone can share the business achievements". Tonda strives to create a positive, simple and harmonious working atmosphere for employees, and create a kind of equal competition, mutual respect and mutual trust, then finally achieve a win-win situation between employees and the company.

Tonda adheres to the corporate philosophy of "embracing all rivers, being tolerant is great". Through "project integration, cultural integration and business combination", Tonda integrates the most resources that can be integrated, and provides a global development platform, and share a win-win result.

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Corp. Address

Room 1201,Building 51,Qingtie Huarun City,101 Shenzhen RD,Laoshan District,Qingdao